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Pro-Blogging Secrets is the follow-up to Bob's Best-Selling book How to Make Money Blogging
Learn how Bob and his team: 
  • Gained 20,000+ legit Facebook fans in less than 7 months.
  • Increased earnings by $1,000/m with a 5-minute exercise.
  • Used an Adsense provided tool to increase ad revenue by 80%.
  • Took the necessary steps to formalize the blog into a legitimate business.
  • Continue to come up with new blog post ideas - even after writing over 2,000.
Are you looking to grow your blog's audience? Use social media effectively? Increase your earnings? 

This book provides these answers as well as: 
  • Step-by-step tutorials of strategies that have proved successful (with over 30 screenshots). 
  • Secrets used to increase earnings that haven't been shared before. 
  • Traffic generating techniques that yielded over 22,000,000 visitors to his blog over the last 7 years. 
Bob also uses his 8+ years of blogging experience to share:  
  • His checklist of things to do AFTER hitting “publish”. 
  • What to do when your blog earnings reach a plateau. 
  • His 10 most helpful Wordpress plugins that he can’t live without. 
  •  3 simple article ideas guaranteed to get shared. 
  • How to avoid a silly mistake many bloggers make that is just inviting lawsuits. 
  • The 5 most common traits of professional bloggers. 
Have you ever wondered?
  •  How do I protect my site from Hackers and other threats? 
  • How to get a logo that looks like I paid $1,000 for it? 
  • What your chances are of becoming a pro-blogger? 
  • If you really have to include your home address in all your emails to your subscribers? 
  • How to keep people from stealing your content? 
  • How to keep inappropriate ads off your site? 
  • How to keep email from eating up all your time? 
All these questions are answered and much more! 
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Pro-Blogging Secrets!
"After following Bob's suggestions on Adsense placement, my earnings immediately increased by $10+ per day. Over the past 10 months, this one simple suggestion has earned us additional revenues of over $10,000." 
— David G.
"Pro-Blogging secrets is crammed full of nuggets and practical gems that are going to take my blog to the next level. Every chapter has actionable advice and the info is broken down into practical steps that make a huge difference." 
— Neal F.
"I’m in the Pro-Blogging Secrets course right now and it’s astonishing to me how much I can still learn about blogging, even with all the classes I’ve taken." 
— Rosemarie G.
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The Pro-Blogging Secrets
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The PBS Video Course goes way beyond the content covered in the book with 40+ step-by-step training videos, printable PDFs, and more!
The Pinterest Traffic Secrets
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This course details Bob's step-by-step process of growing his Pinterest traffic from 10k/month to over 500k in just over a year!
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